What makes our soap natural?
The unique formula for all of our soap includes natural butters and oils that are pure and organic. We don't use any chemicals in our soap so it ensures natural skin healing without causing any chemical irritation on the skin. 
What is cold process soap?
We use a Cold press soap process which is created by mixing oils, fats and/or butters with water and lye. Mixing lye (sodium hydroxide) with oils causes a chemical reaction called saponification (the process in which oils become soap).
Is there lye in my soap?
No. The lye (sodium hydroxide) in the soap neutralizes during the curing process  so there is no lye left in the finished product.
Why do we use lye to make our soap?
Soap cannot be made without lye. It's a necessary ingredient in order to saponify the oils. Once the saponification process is done there's no worry that any chemicals are in your soap.
What is curing?
Curing is the process in which the soap is cut into bars and allowed to sit in a place without humidity and that has free air flow. The average curing time is 4-6 weeks but can be longer depending on personal preference and the recipe used. This is to allow bars to harden, lose excess moisture, and to become milder on the skin. The longer the bar cures the gentler, richer, and creamier the lather becomes.
How can I preserve and store my soap?
To get the maximum use of your soap bars, store on a soap dish in a high and dry area where the water can drain off of your soap.
Are these soaps good for sensitive skin?
All of our soap bars are formulated for all dry and oily sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. Basically, perfect for any sensitive skin condition. Each soap has its own unique benefits. Read about which one you interested in to see the benefits.
Which soap is best for eczema?
Honey, Almond Milk & Oats , Lavender & Turmeric, Complete Mix (Unscented).
Which soaps are best for the face?
Lavender & Turmeric, Honey Almond Milk and Oats, Complete Mix,
Black Activated Charcoal with Coffee 2- 3 times a week depending on how much detoxifying you need. No need to detoxify everyday.
Are these soaps safe to use on my yoni area?
Yes they are. Do not scrub with the Activated Charcoal with Coffee bar, instead use a wash cloth  or loofah with this soap.
Which soap can be used on children?
We recommend all of our soap bars for children except Activated Charcoal with coffee as children don't need too much detoxifying.
When will I receive my order?
Please allow 3–5 business days (Monday–Friday), unless noted otherwise.
How do I track my order?
When you place your order you receive an order confirmation, with access to your account details. Once the order is processed and fulfilled you will receive a notification with tracking number.
What do I do if my order is delivered, but not in my mailbox?
No worries! Throughout our experience shipping orders, we’ve found that sometimes the post office marks the order as delivered prematurely. Please allow at least 1 business day for them to actually deliver it.